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andēweb is the collection of creative websites of Christopher “Andy” Anderson.  That’s me.  I occasionally make websites and things for people like you.  And occasionally, I talk about something other than computers or my faith.

about chris anderson

If you haven’t figured out, I generally go about the internet as Andy Anderson, a nickname known to my closest friends and one I inherited from my grandfather, the sainted Edward Otto Anderson.

Ethnic From my last name, you might guess that I am Scandinavian – and you’d be right…that is at least partially.  I’m half German.  The other half is evenly distributed between my being a Swede (hence my last name), Scot (of the clan Thom), English, and Welch.  So, perhaps that is why I like Ikea.


Apple 2e Logo I grew up in a time when computers were rapidly changing where Moore’s law was catching up to our use of computers.  It seems now we are chasing Moore’s law!

The first computer I used was the venerable Apple ][e .  State of the art with a color monitor, dual 5 ¼ floppy drives, and a dot matrix printer.  It is amazing now that technology has grown so much that my calculator has more power than that computer!

I have been on the internet long before Al Gore invented it.  Having joined the ranks when Archie , Veronica , and Gopher were the rage, I was exploring the new World Wide Web.  Designing my first sites in the mid-1990’s, learning HTML, CSS, Basic, Perl, and PHP as I went along.  My first professional website designed for others arrived in 1999 with the website for my college’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes website.

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MailboxI will gladly accept anything you want to send me.  If you use something other than the regular post, contact me.

Christopher Anderson
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Win7 LogoThis andēweb site is developed using WordPress and Adobe Photoshop.  Our site is hosted on KA9FOX’s QTH.COM.  Other andēweb developed sites use Google Sites, WordPress, Microsoft Expressions, Dreamweaver and Drupal.

Typography utilizes the  Google Fonts API and the fonts Arvo, Istok Web, and Open Sans.