I’ve never been good at a structured Bible Study program.  How much should I read?  Should I read the notes?  Highlight?  Too confusing!!  I’ll just read a little here and a little there.  If I do a 90 day study, I’m lucky to get 10 days before getting off track.  (Last 90 day study I think I was closer to 140 days.  I think that’s good).  So, what I am planning on doing is likely going to be crazy.  I tend to avoid Revelation.  It is confusing!  It isn’t interesting to read – mainly cuz I don’t understand it….

Revelation is often regarded as being one of the most difficult books to understand.  Think about the different views of the end times.  Lutherans and Catholics are not left behind….Presbyterians usually aren’t left behind, and Baptists don’t want to be left behind!  So, I’m in good company.

Now, I had the fortunate opportunity to meet a gentleman, a true scholar, and one of the few people I know who can sight read from the Holy Word in it’s original languages.  He also is one of the foremost scholars in the book of Revelation.  His name, Dr. Louis A Brighton.  I went to school with his grandson.  Great guy, not that I can remember his name.   I guess that is my old age.

Well – what does he have to do with my Bible Study?  Well, I figure if I am going to set a goal it needs to be challenging.  I am going to work through his commentary – Revelation (great name, right).  Pray that I’ll get through this small book.  It is only 712 pages.  I haven’t read a 712 page book in decades.  But 712 pages is less than 3 pages a day.  I can do it, I will do it, and I’ll love every minute of it – except the minutes I don’t love, which is when I will then ask God to show me how to love it…

Let’s see how this experiment works.