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Welcome to the online ham shack of Andy Anderson-

I grew up in a ham home.  My father, Gene, W9QLB, was a General Class Amateur Radio operator when I was younger.  He also holds his Radiotelegraph license.  You see, my dad worked in public safety communications.  He always talked about ham radio growing up.  So, in January 2011, I decided to finally get my license and I successfully passed the Technician Class License (which is the entry level license, covering UHF and VHF).  I took the test at the Fox River Radio League’s bimonthly licensing events.  As soon as I got home, my dad began to tell me how I should get my General Class – even though I wouldn’t immediately be able to get on the HF bands added under this license.  So, I began to study for the General Class and my dad decided that he would seek the prestigious, top of the line, Amateur Extra class license.  Together we went to the March 2011 meeting and were both successful in our endeavors.

I currently operate on repeaters in the Chicagoland area.  I work right across from W9YRC and am actually able to see their antenna from my window.  I notice that based on their location, I can hear them throughout DuPage County on 442.875 MHz.  I usually monitor this repeater on my way to and from work.  I also can be found on the Will County Amateur Radio Club’s repeater.

My Equipment

Radio Shack Pro-96 Scanner 

II purchased this nifty unit well over 10 years ago.  While it was a great unit for monitoring the local police, many stations (including my local station) can no longer be heard on scanners.  None the less, it is a great unit to monitor radio repeaters and local non-emergency services.





Grundig GS350DL Field Radio Grundig S350

While this radio does not have SSB, it can be interesting to hear what’s going on around the world. A great little unit currently on loan from my pops.






ICOM IC-T70A Transciever

This is currently the only transciever I own.  It is a great little unit and has an excellent battery life.  While it doesn’t have the greatest coverage (mainly due to having only 5W of power), it is a very clear unit.

I am using a Comet M-24B magnetic base antenna, which provides me with good improvement over the base antenna.